new album update and Q&A with Neil – submit your questions!

Word on the street is, Neil’s next record will be called ‘Palindrome Hunches’ and will be released this August – with extensive touring to follow.

In the meantime, Neil has agreed to do a Q&A with us… so post your questions in the comments section below and I’ll work on getting so answers in the next weeks.

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26 thoughts on “new album update and Q&A with Neil – submit your questions!

  1. Fy

    Ok, I’ll start then :)
    My questions :

    – How would you describe your new album (compared to Oh Mighty Engine, for example) ?

    – How long have you been working on it ?

    – a more personal question : what’s your typical day (what you do usually) ? is music your only financial ressource ?

    – please don’t be mad if I ask you this question : I discovered Mojave 3 in a fragrance commercial (Bluebird Of Happiness, for Hermès) in 2008, that means too late to see you. Is there any chance I’ll be able to see M3 live in the future ?

    – is there any chance the “I’m the elephant, you’re the mouse” OST gets an official release one day ?

    – and a litlle froggy lobbying : it’s not really a question, since you already answered on facebook, but “PLEASE COME TO FRANCE” !

  2. Rodrigo Enciso

    First, Neil: Definitely, you are my favorite composer. “Oh! mighty engine” is one of my favorites albums. I’m excited to know that there will be new music.

    I’m from Mexico and last year went to London (Brixton Academy) just to see playing my favorite band: Mojave3. Just amazing.

    Now my question: Will Mojave3 meeting soon?

    (When my favourite composer is the leader of my favourite band, is an obvious question).


  3. DJWLaan

    - Some of your lyrics are good, most of them are magical: how do you start writing or, more specifically, what do you start out with? A sentence or combination of words, a certain feeling, a tune, or..?

    – Comparing Slowdive to Mojave 3 to your solo-albumns, can be seen quite a wide spectrum of music-styles. I, for one, love your ‘later’ works, but Slowdive can’t interest me at all. How do you look back on this/these totally different kind(s) of music you performed?

    And somewhat off-topic:
    – Have you ever been to Endless Summer Lodge, Ahipara, New-Zealand ( If there is a place in the world to surf, relax, enjoy, whatever, that’s the place to be :)

  4. Tim Hartis

    What’s your opinion on chillwave bands such as Washed Out and Small Black? Their sound resembles the sounds of the Slowdive demos.

  5. Brian Greenwood

    I have a question outside of this new record regarding an older song maybe you could help me with.

    When I was in high school, maybe 7 or so years ago, I saw Neil on PBS (USA Public TV) and he was playing solo performance of Writing to St. Peter. It was in a different style than is on Spoon & Rafter. Quicker, and he had a harmonica. I’ve always wanted that version and have never been able to find it or the video. Any help? I really enjoyed it and would like to hear it again.

  6. Micah

    Do you ever think you and Rachel might find interest in creating new music in the shoegaze genre? I discovered Slowdive in the mid 2000’s when I went looking for the original ‘Some Velvet Morning’ song and came across your amazing cover from Souvlaki — and I haven’t been able to stop playing all of your old albums on a regular basis since then. I am just as enamored with the gentler sound of Mojave 3; but any chance you’ll do something like Slowdive again, even if not under that name?

  7. Fy

    I forgot in my question :

    please don’t forget the vinyl fans, for old and new stuff. M3 albums are going for over 80$ !

  8. Johan

    Neil, when you’re already in Scandinavia in June you should try to extend your tour to Sweden (maybe already planned?). Maybe Gothenburg and then Stockholm? I think you would love the “Södra Teatern” stage in Stockholm, an old theatre. I think it’s a perfect match. .. (I don’t work there ;)

    No question. Just want to thank you for all wonderful songs through the years :)

  9. seth

    Another vote for vinyl re-issues of the Mojave 3 albums here! Especially Spoon and Rafter.

    I don’t want to buy them for an inflated price on ebay since the band gets none of that money.

  10. Mark

    Add me in on the request for vinyl (both old & new).

    Will there be any exclusive tracks? Last time I bought Oh! Mighty Engine 4 times. Twice on CD. (one was a gift for my brother) Once on vinyl. Then I had to buy it all over again on iTunes just for “New Whites and Brights”. Lastly I finagled a UK iTunes account so I could buy the single track “The Finer Points of Flying”. I’m all for supporting my favorite artists but this time I’d like to buy it say just twice if I can.

    Will “Creatures of the Road” be on it? I love that version from Daytrotter.

    May I get the lyrics to “You are the Glue”? There are a couple of lines I can’t make out.

    I’ve been listening to the Youtube clip of Wittgenstein’s Arm. I love this song! Can’t wait to hear a studio version.


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